Backcountry Huts

4WD Tracks
Cattle walking down Ash RiverOver the summer months The Arrowsmith 4WD track is open for use, with a 40km round track that takes in the spectacular views over the Cameron Valley and the Arrowsmith Range. You then meander your way  over the saddle into the Ashburton Headwaters, stopping at the old musterers’ hut on the way for a rest and a brew of billy tea. The track then follows the Ashburton River with its mighty rapids and steep ravines down around the Ribbonwood Hill and back into the fertile flats of home. The track is bulldozed after winter every year but great  care should always be taken  while driving on this track, a good four wheel drive truck with mud tyres and an experienced driver is a must.
It is recommended that two trucks drive together, should one get stuck.

Ring Brian at the  homestead (see below) for details and an update on track conditions.
Fees $20 per vehicle paid to the Station homestead.

The Wildman Hut ( Arrowsmith Station Private Hut)
Top HutLocated on the true left of the Ashburton River on the flat where the 4×4 track meets the valley floor. In clear conditions, this hut can be seen from the track higher up the hill as you are descending the steeper part of the track. The Wildman Hut which sleeps 6 people, has all cooking utensils, cutlery and plates provided but visitors are asked to bring a bag of firewood (cut up small) if they wish to use the wood stove.
The Top Ashburton DOC Hut
Accessing this hut is a 15 minute drive, or a 45 minute walk further up the valley over the Ashburton River (true right). This hut sleeps 8, and has a large open fire. Visitors must bring their own firewood, cooking and eating utensils. A 3/4 hour walk up river will bring you to the head of the Ashburton valley.

The farm track will not be open during wet weather or snow and care must be taken if crossing the Ashburton River as rain can cause the rivers to flood quickly making them unpassable.

To book the huts please ring Brian at the homestead on +64 3 303 9090 (evenings)